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Silk Scarf : Square

Conversations In Nature :
Amongst the Water Lilies

This collection bridges the visible with the invisible, the communications and connections that drive the engine of life in the natural world. Created with oil paint and layered with the saturated colours of the garden, these designs are full of the life-giving energy that we tend to underappreciate in our busy lives. Flowers communicate with pollenating insects using positive/negative charges, while insects detect their food sources with the ultraviolet spectrum, and trees talk to each other with chemicals on the wind and underground. Taking the time to consider these goings-on helps us to be in the present and put our own lives into perspective.

The scarves are 100% silk, printed in England to the highest standard. The edges are professionally hand rolled. Within the design there is a small camouflaged logo to match the gold foil logo on the bespoke black box.

For a limited time there is no VAT and shipping is free worldwide. Each box will be shipped separately to remain within 'small parcel' shipping for the duration of this promotion.

Processing time for orders is approximately 6 weeks.

Please select a size.

*Pocket squares (36 x 36 cm) will be available soon at £55 for this design. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you.

  • Fabric:
    100% Silk - Dry Clean Only
  • Available Sizes:
    130cm / 90cm / 60cm / 36cm*
  • Image Medium:

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