Wearable Art : Glass Portals

All That Matters

Reverse oil on glass is an 18th century French technique (verre églomisé), as is gilding between glass layers. The glass is from the late19th century. The gold wire around the outside has been reused from gold wire jewellery that my father made in the 70s... a posthumous collaboration. This was particularly appropriate as I wanted to make the piece relevant to both mine and the owner's relationship to a parent who had recently passed. The owner's mother found peace with her garden which is the significance of the flower petals on the reverse. The two petals are from the same flower yet they occupy their own space.

In general the piece is about two planes of existence, the solid organic matter represented by the petals and the ethereal, nebulous, and mysterious realm of the spiritual evoked by the layering of the paint and gold leaf.

The testimonial from the owner gives me great joy... "A few weeks ago she posted photos of a pendant in progress, 'All that matters'. It caught my eye and I told her I was interested. So she added some touches very personal to me, making the pendant even more special and invaluable. Last week it arrived in the mail. Opening the box was like Christmas morning. I had seen it in several photos, but seeing it in real life, was breathtaking. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! There is an exciting 3D depth in it. It is like a secret entrance to a hidden world. Everyone I show it to sees different things in the colours. I can't stop looking. I'm SO happy with it! I love the ideas, materials, care and thought she has put in it. She gave this piece a story about connection, fragility and love, and I will treasure it forever."

  • Materials:
    antique glass / oil paint / 22ct gold leaf / 14ct gold wire / dried flowers
  • Dimensions:
    1.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Completion : - SOLD

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