Purchasing : Jewellery

Purchase : Jewellery

A Bit of Background...
Making jewellery has been a passion of mine since my childhood. When I was only 12, my father built a proper semi-precious stone cutting station for me in the basement. The stone cutting saw was powered by the motor out of an old ringer washer that we finally retired. Yes, a ringer washer. I would make cabachons and tumble rough stone for rings, pendants and earrings and sell the finshed pieces in their settings. It was my first creative business even before my fine art photography. My father enjoyed creating gold wire pieces along side me, and returned to it in his late 70s. I still have a few of his pieces as well as some of the stones from my early days.

In 2014, I returned to live in England, my birthplace, and since have been studying the tremendous legacy of the Victorians. The mixed media Glass Portals incorporate both Victorian glass, and a Victorian fascination for wearable keepsakes. Typically I use three layers of glass creating a two-sided piece. Each item is unique. I am open to loose collaborations if you see a work in progress posted on my Instagram or Facebook pages. The Glass Portal piece entitled 'All That Matters' was in progress when the owner decided it was for her. We made a few creative decisions together that ensured it was tailor made to a personal story about her relationship with her mother who had recently passed. It was a pleasure to create such a personal piece and I know that she appreciated the thought and effort that went into customising it for her.

As an extension of my clay sculpture work, the jewellery-making bug hit me again in 2016 but this time with an idea of using a new material that I could sculpt. This allowed me to get my hands dirty, to shape, saw, file, sand and then embellish with gold and silver leafing. The desire was to create beautiful objects that people could carry with them and use to centre themselves, and so the Touchstone Collection was born. The intial pieces have sold out but I may create another similar collection in the future.

By 2018, I began working with silver again. I had taken a silver jewellery course in Vancouver Canada in the late 90s and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. The physical effort, the calculations, the tools, the markmaking and the symbolism that can be incorporated into a personal piece of wearable art seemed the perfect combination for how I like to think and work.

How to Purchase
The hallmarked one-of-a-kind silver creations are available to purchase on my web site or in my Etsy shop - WendyFarrowLondon. If you are purchasing through my web site, I will contact you to ask what chain length you would prefer. On Etsy, there are chain length options listed but you can also contact me there if the option you desire is not listed. Each piece comes with a branded box, as seen in the selection of photos.

The initial Touchstone Collection has sold out but I may produce more in the future. You can still view the pieces in the Touchstone album here on my site. If you click on the image you will see a couple images showing you the various sides of the piece and the scale. Feel free to contact me if you want to be notified of future works.

Works in Progress
Among the items shown in the albums are pieces that are currently in progress. If one of these interests you, I am happy to reserve it for you with a deposit and provide you with regular updates on its stages of completion.

If any of the items has sparked an idea, a vision of a piece that you feel I can bring to life for you, please contact me and we can discuss possibilities.