Current Collections

Note To Self

Note To Self Coded Messages in Abstraction

Encoded into the oil-painted graphics are personal reminders, notes to myself, on practicing certain mindsets and behaviours that encourage growth and awareness, personal empowerment and love. Knowing the actual message is not as important as the self-discovery process of what it might say and what it means to the wearer.

Conversations In Nature

Conversations In NatureMulticoloured and Multidimensional

Explore the new multicoloured dynamic designs released in August 2019. This collection bridges the visible with the invisible, the communications and connections that drive the engine of life in the natural world. Created with oil paint and layered with the saturated colours of the garden, these designs are full of the life-giving energy that we too often overlook in our own busy lives.

Moving In Time

Moving In TimeVibrant Waves and Complex Connections

In the simplest sense, we find joy in the present moment moving our bodies in time to the rhythms of music, emotion and desire. We also know the power of coming to understand the most complex of movements of every particle and wave moving through deep time and all around us. This collection of designs explores the intricacies of our interconnectedness with all things. It is more entangled than we can ever know but it can ultimately be distilled down to vibration and waves.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery / In Stock ItemsScarves and Packaging

Here you will find selected photos of the scarves across the various collections, a sampling of the branded packaging and label, and detail images of the hemming. As new orders require approximately 6 weeks for delivery, there is a filter on this page for which items are in stock and can be shipped immediately.